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Bruce Chant

Bruce’s first exposure to SEO came in 2007. That interest built new skills & experience and the launching of the first of four businesses.

On top of that, Bruce worked for one of Australia’s most awarded SEO agencies where he worked on some of Australia’s favourite brands.

Organic Search Marketing

I Didn't Look For a Future in Marketing, Marketing Found Me.

It was never my intention to find a future in marketing, digital marketing specifically. In fact, when I was at university I had no idea what digital marketing was. As it turned out, I didn’t go looking for marketing, marketing found me.

Around the time our first child was born, Ruth – a teacher – was looking for something to do on those long sleepless nights with a newborn. The lightbulb came on to share her meal plans online that had worked wonders for her in her newfound life of juggling commitments. It’s a long story, but that idea turned into an ebook, which turned into a full blown website and, some where, in the midst of all that, I discovered a love for marketing. Digital marketing in particular, and SEO specifically.

Find Solutions to Your Problems

It didn’t take me long to work out how the relationship between Ruth’s meal planning ebook and sales were going to happen.

Of course there was the clunky payment process to work out (no Paypal in those days).

But I am talking about understanding the thoughts & emotions of someone who would find this ebook useful, a God-send even.

Walking back from that thought led me to understand that it actually all starts with the customer. Feel what they feel, think how they think and you are halfway there.

Halfway, I said. There is still another half to go. 

The second half is the mechanics. How do I present this to someone who wants it? The answer of course is obvious; search. 

Optimising your website for the search engines (Google in particular) is the means by which we present the offer. 

As it turned out, learning how to do that turned into a career and ultimately, a number of business ventures and it is still something I love & thrive on today; getting your solutions to others’ problems found.

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