How to Find & Maximize Search Marketing Opportunities

Opportunities to get traffic to your website are abundant. BUT you have to know how to recognise them and how to capitalize on them!

The key is to learn to THINK like your MARKET.

In this example, I show you through the SERP to highlight the fact the market where I live is missing out on a MAJOR SIX FIGURE business opportunity.

This one item was national news in Australia, and yet the businesses that COULD benefit from it were completely silent on the matter when it came to their appearance in the search results.

The point?

You have to think like your target market, put yourself in their shoes, consider what they would be looking for and implement. When you do you immediately stand out because they see that you get it and understand what they are thinking.

To learn to find SEO opportunities in your market, join my SEO course today and capitalize on them!

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