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  •  Quit the rent trap and become a digital property landlord
  • ​Owning property is the domain of the filthy rich. It's no different online.
  • ​Learn how bad SEOs overcomplicate what is actually a simple set of actions
  • ​But don't confuse simple with easy. Best SEO results follow an understanding of the Dunning-Kruger effect.
  • Identify and avoid the false dichotomies that some backyard SEOs like to brag about; it's all links! It's all content! It's all speed! 
  • ​How you can use the rule of 7 to double to effectiveness (& profit) of your website through simple SEO
  • ​Educate yourself on the basic ways bad SEOs butcher your site and destroy your reputation with Google. (Some are so subtle but in the industry are known big no-no's)
  • ​​Learn the golden key of on-page optimisation that hasn't changed since Google was a babe (and how to identify when it's done badly or not done at all!)
  • Observe why traffic from Google is called "organic" search, and why it's pure and unpolluted unlike other dirty digital marketing channels
  • ​Every good story needs a guide (think Yoda in Star Wars). So does every SEO. If you don't the chances of SEO success (in my experience) is nil. 
  • ​See why terrible SEO advice & tactics always have a short shelf-life. But quality SEO principles always last the test of time.
  • ​Learn what questions to ask an SEO before hiring them. And the one question that always exposes the con artists from the real McCoy.
  • ​Like a GPS without a destination, so is SEO without a clear understanding of business goals & the steps to get you there.
  • ​Why it is easy to be seduced by linkz(!) and how most backyard SEOs poison their site with bad ones
  • ​The trap of scores/metrics/ranks that bamboozle and confuse even the sharpest SEO mind and the REAL measures of success you can't ignore
  • ​Why most SEOs ignore the most powerful ally they have in creating a hugely valuable SEO asset (and one that will rank & perform)


SEO Expert
Bruce understands what it takes to get websites ranking and delivering real business leads. This comes from working with some of Australia’s largest and well-recognised brands, to hundreds of small and medium businesses.